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"I will not mind if you aim high and miss, but I will be dissapointed if you aim low and hit"


The storyteller and writer from Poland, working on my own book.

I always try to catch my dreams by believing in them, with all the power growing deep inside of me. What drives me through my life is being possitive at all time and trying to do right, with kindness of my heart.

I was raised on fairy tales and books, which made me the person I am now. I must say, that I am truly happy, by whom I became.

You see, I have no idea, what I want to do, or who I want to be in my life. And this is the biggest problem I've ever had.

There is too much beauty and amazing things in the world to stick just to one.

When you try to catch more than one bird at the time, eventually you can stay with nothing. And this is not greed. It's not knowing what you desire.

Well, for now I will do what I can, to keep what I have, but if something new will appear on the horizon I will try to get it.

My life motto is "Dream, believe, achive "



''Don’t be afraid of being lost. It is then, when you wonder amble places, no one has ever been to'' Nat Poem…

Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.

Terry Pratchett

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