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"I will live on coffee, until I can have alcohol"

Anne G.

Her name is
She’s nearly 90
She is still, hell of a lady.
If you could just see, how beautifully words fly out of her mouth, when she's mad.
We don't know each other for long, but it feels like she's a good friend.
I fell like we’ve known each other for eternity.
She tells me the stories of her life, more than once a day. 

Over and over.

She was born in times of long dresses, red lips, and amazing music.
In times, where not the body was to show, but intelect.
She always gives me that look of joyful eyes.
It's wonderful, when corners of her mouth climb up, to give a perfectly pure smile.
And then she starts.
"You know what?. 14 I was, when they evacuated me from my school”- she says with a bit of a pain in her eyes.
„I saw the bombs, coming out from the sky. I was scared of the way how they shined, ready to meet with the ground in a blast"
I had no idea what to say, so I didn't said a word.
Annie took my hand. 
„I had a wonderful brother, Baster. Tall, with heart breaking smile. Smile, that was driving girls crazy..." - she closed her eyes, to remember.
"He was one of my favourite. He said he will keep me safe at all time, so he did."
Silenc filed up the place where we sat. She looked deep in to my eyes, and I knew what was comming.
"He went to the war, to keep his promise. It was a nice day. I remember watching television, and the news from the front. They showed some pictures of soliders, and then I realised, that on one of these pictures was my brother. Baster, was the second solider killed in the war" - not knowing when I felt my eyes filed up with tears.
"My lovely Baster, I never saw him again, he was lost in fight for his beloved sister, and his country”- a tear went down my chick
„ He was the quiet one, you know” – she adds. And I sat there speechless. 

Anne just smiled, like always 

„Past is a lesson, one of many,  that life has given us my dear, we should learn from it” 
Then, she told me about her husband, Roy.
She loved him badly, I could say.
She missed him even more.
She still had her wedding ring on the left hand finger.
„He will always be mine. He will always be with me. Roy and Baster. We shall be all together, one day."
Small room, in nursing home. Anne and me. We could talk and talk. 
Fast, she became close to my heart.
I gave her a kiss on forhead.
„Greate life is waiting for you my love"– she told me.
"Live it fully, make mistakes, give love and it will be given to you as well. That's all I have ever learned through my life"
Her mamory, not as good, as it was before in the days of her youth.
Yet, she stills remembers the sweet smell of the flowers in her garden. She feels the touch of her husband lips on her forhead. Gets chills on her skin, while thinking of the smile of her beloved Baster.
It looks like, the best source of life are people like my Anne.
People in her age, have stories, no one could ever believe. Stories, that could thrilled us all.
I will watch my steps, as I may fall and you should too. We all fall down, from the highest clouds to the ground just like those bombs she told me about. However, what counts most is how we get up on our feet.
I've learned that from Anne, and I know, I will learn much more with time.



''Don’t be afraid of being lost. It is then, when you wonder amble places, no one has ever been to'' Nat Poem…

Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.

Terry Pratchett

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