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"I will not mind if you aim high and miss, but I will be dissapointed if you aim low and hit"

He's alone

Same gentleman each time I am here
He may be after 50
Grey hairs touch his ears
Wrinkles on his face
Hands shaking
Far too big jacket restson his shoulders
He doesn't mind
He’s always alone
With his book
Freshly made coffee
Gentle smile on his face
And he talks to himself sometimes
It's not weird
He’s here alone
Looking out of the window
Hand rests next to his lips
A normal man
With a book
At 8 am
He’s always here
And as people pass him by they cast a gentle smile
So hesmiles back,
A moment later
He points, a place in the front of him
Seriously talking with to the air
He’s not crazy
He seems to feel alone
He is alone
Yet, crownds of people pass him by
They're in rush
Some don't even see him
It is oblivious
He’s alone with his thoughts
He packs all his stuff as he leaves with a sadder face than when he arrived
Sad, yet he did not give up
After couple of minutes
He's back
Waiting in a queue for his tea
With his favourite cup
And he takes out his book once again
Carefully reading each word
No one should be alone



''Don’t be afraid of being lost. It is then, when you wonder amble places, no one has ever been to'' Nat Poem…

Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.

Terry Pratchett

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